TV’s & Micromax

My next subject of interest is going to be TV’s. To kick things off, I wanted to give a little mention to Micromax as I’ve been living in India recently so have seen this brand cropping up just about everywhere. They do everything from smartphones and tablets through to TV’s. They are an Indian manufacturer that started out as an IT software company before progressing into the giant that they are today in the technology and electronics market. They specialize in the lower budget segment of smartphones in India and are in fact the tenth largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world today. For some reason the western world, don’t really see their models in the shops so they are not familiar with the brand. In India however it’s a different story and they are one of the most popular brands there. The likes of Samsung etc seem to have found their way globally and you’ll see their products at every corner of the earth so I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before Micromax branch out too and you start seeing the brand overseas. Check out the Micromax website for more info.

My Old TV’s

Right so let’s go back to TV’s shall we. I’ve got an apartment over in India so I’m currently in the market for a new TV myself. Living overseas for the majority of my life in the UK I’ve been mainly exposed to Sony, LG, Panasonic and Samsung when it comes to TV’s. I’ve owned three 50-inch LG’s in the past although they were Plasma technology rather than LED. I also owned a 50-incch Panasonic Plasma and that was a nice piece of kit. Unfortunately, my first LG was stolen during a break-in. That was a nice TV for the time as HD was only just becoming popular and I paid a pretty handsome fee for it on finance. The second which was the replacement had a Wii remote thrown through it within about two weeks of getting it from the insurance money. My brother was the culprit, he was playing with our mates on Tiger Woods golf and didn’t use the safety strap. The next replacement that had to come off the insurance as well, was the only one of the plasmas that’s survived, it’s now residing at my friend’s house after I sold it him a year or two ago when I was moving house to stay with my aunt and uncle.

The Panasonic had a good run but unfortunately it ended-up falling off the wall in the middle of the night and due to its weight, it had no chance of surviving the fall. I’ve owned plenty of LCD monitors too that I used to use for my computer and music producing. There was a decent little LG, two ok Samsung’s and an ASUS. The ASUS is still sitting at my aunts and uncles house along with the only LED I’ve owned, a 40-inch Sony. I got that with the money from the Panasonic and it was ok but I preferred the quality of the Plasma’s even though they were bulky and used a lot of electricity. The Sony was by no means the best in its class though and it had Smart functions which I hadn’t had before in a TV. I could pick up my computers files and stream movies. The screen mirror function was also pretty cool as I could surf with my tablet but see it on the bigscreen.

Newest Technology

LED Technology is coming on leaps and bounds though. I remember when LCD’s first came out, there were so many issues with motion and fast paced sequences but over time, the technology improved. Ultra HD OLED TV’s seem to be the next big thing and look like they are going to create yet another leap in picture quality. It seems almost impossible to imagine TV’s being able to get any better soon. Some of the one’s I’ve seen on display in the sores are absolutely mesmerising and they aren’t even the best ones out there. There's the advancements in 3D technology to look forward to as well.

My latest TV

Since I got the travelling bug, TV’s haven’t really been on the agenda. When I first got a decent job, it was all about big TV’s and games consoles but over time, I’ve changed my prioritise. I don’t think I’ll ever lose my interest in technology and gadgets though, I just can’t afford to spend the same kinds of money I have done in the past. If I spent the same money now on a TV that I did when I bought my first one on finance, I’d be able to buy a mammoth one now. Now I’m settled in my new apartment, I’m missing having a TV to watch, the laptop or tablet doesn’t always cut the mustard. As my budget is limited, this has LED me to look at second-hand TV’s, excuse the pun there. I’ve been keen to give Micromax a go since I’m in India so I’m going to buy one of their models, probably a 32-inch as that’s plenty big enough for my flat. I think technology wise, I’m going to go for a used LED TV but try and get one as-new, like an ex-display or returned TV that can’t be sold on at the same price but is still in perfect condition. I’ve provided a hyperlink for you to check out the site I’m looking at. See what you think.