The best small smartphones

With thousands of smartphones that exist today, I'm writing this article to give you what are, according to me, the best 5 smartphones with a screen of less than 5 inches now on the market.
Nowadays there are more and more new smartphones with big screen, that's why I want to talk about the smartphones with a screen less than 5 inches because I prefer them.
Like all others, even Iphone has released its latest smartphone with a large screen....what a pity !

The best quality/price ratio: Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3

This 4.7-inch smartphone - who exists also in 5.5 "- has almost all good. Design neat, a screen contrast and bright, a proper autonomy and it can be good in picture. But most importantly, he made it for a relatively small fee. Launched at €199, it appears today in 159,90 EUR on their website.
This is a time in hand Idol 3 made its small effect. (110 g) light, but well balanced.
The Idol 3 has the particularity to be used both in a sense than the other, the interface that can rotate completely, it's very useful !
For the interface and navigation, this smartphone is proposed in a version of Android 5.0 very slightly modified.
He would have earned to be a bit more customizable, but the idea is interesting and works properly.
what a liked with this Idol 3,is the fact that the headphones output of this Idol 3 delivers above-average power. Another good surpise, it's the quality of the photos, 13 mpx

The best for pictures : iphone 6s

Taking the bases of its big brother, the 6 s Apple iPhone regained the title of the best cameraphone of less than 5 inches. It is also on this part that improvement is the most significant, although it does not fill provided the gap with the top of the basket. The iPhone 6 s, however, remains a complete and powerful smartphone in the majority of areas. Some defects persist anyway, as less interesting than that of competitors compactness or its always disappointing autonomy. No problem, it will satisfy lovers of Apple and its simplicity.
a few differences from the iphone6: iPhone 6 s is thus heavier 14 g and thicker 0.2 mm, while Apple uses here a different aluminum alloy (7000), stronger and different touch. The new physical and ergonomic is of course the famous 3D Touch. The haptic engine, supports the pressure level (3 levels for the moment) and the fine association between this input and software change in part how to use an iPhone and iOS.

The cheapest: Nokia Lumia 735

When it came out last October, Lumia 735 was immediately installed as one of the best value quality / price of the market. Six months later, the unit has not much aged. It still offers a very positive overall experience, both for its fluidity than for the quality of its screen HD 4.7 ", its multimedia capabilities or its very good battery life. In fact it would have made a flawless if his photo sensor had offered better performance. But less than €200, we cannot have it all.
Finally, Windows Phone is improved from version to version. Even if it is still behind on applications, Microsoft mobile system has become very comprehensive over time. But is you want a smartphone still cheaper, you can find very bargain on second hand website, I bought an iphone 5 last month for only 300euros ! I bought it on

The more "professional": BlackBerry Passport


It has strong points that leave no doubt for professionals: a physical keyboard to huge performance, a far superior endurance doped and ecosystem productivity and security with BB10-oriented. It is certain that it is not a smartphone dedicated to multimedia, even though it is quite capable to provide the minimum service in this area. The Passport is not given and currently sells for around 550 euros, normal for a smartphone with such qualities. Attention however, its format requires use with both hands.


The most enduring: Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

The year 2015 was not the best for Sony. Fortunately, the Japanese had the good idea to repeat his success of last year, the Z3 Compact, that skipping a generation, passes to the Z5 Compact. Like its big brother, it is the high-end smartphone from Sony for the most interesting of the range. If it is slightly less well in terms of autonomy, the latter remains as solid and Sony keeps his first place in the category of less than 5 inches. Xperia Z5 Compact part of the - very - rare smartphones in this format to offer a true fact sheet high-end and ensuring performance.