My Passion for Lambretta

My Passion for Lambretta

Hello again guys, welcome back to Tom’s Technology blog, hope you’ve stayed interested with my previous posts. So now we’ve covered a little bit on TV’s and Tablets, I’d like to turn focus to a different piece of technology which I’ve always been a great admirer of. I’ve owned motorcycles of various shapes and sizes for many years, from large 600cc power houses to a little 49cc runabout. I love the feel of the wind against your face, the less claustrophobic environment compared to driving around in a boring car.


Did you know?

Just in case you weren’t sure exactly what a Lambretta was and where they originated, I’ll give you a short but sweet history lesson just so you have a bit of an idea.

The Lambretta is basically a kind of scooter. Its origins began in Italy, Milan’s Innocenti’s brain-child. The name was derived from a similarly named river in the area where it was manufactured. Myths talk of a water-sprite called Lambretta that lived on the river running alongside the initial production site. There you have it, that’s

Quite an interesting fact is that back-In 1972, the Milan factory ended-up selling its machinery to the Indian government which is when Scooters India Limited was created. They wanted to produce a 3-wheel spin-off of the famous Lambretta. They did this under the name Vikram and sold them domestically. Following this, Lambretta’s were licensed by a number of other famous manufactures around the world such as NSU in Germany, Siambretta in Argentina and Yulon in Taiwan.

What are Lambretta’s Origins?

If we’re going back to when Lambretta first emerged on the market, then you’re looking at just after the 2nd world war, around the mid-1940’s. Apparently Ferdinando Innocenti, after seeing his steel factory in tatters after a heavy bomb raid, had a sudden brain wave to create a cheap motor scooter that could compete with the bigger, bulky more expensive motorcycles of the time. There was obviously a gap in the market for such thing as people picked themselves up after the war. It was important that the new scooter would be designed to be water protective as well as being easy to ride for both men and women in all kinds of dress-up. The new type of transmission meant no chain was needed which also meant less dirt and oil to ruin your attire.

How did they get their distinct Design?

The original designer was D'Ascanio who funnily enough wasn’t a very keen motorcyclist at all. He later fell out with Innocenti after a disagreement on design. Innocenti who’d company previously worked with rolled tubing, wanted to use the same material to produce his beloved Lambretta. D’Ascanio wanted to opt for the stamped spar style frame. They parted ways and D’Ascanio was able to produce a stamped spar style frame for Piaggio who released the Vespa.A guy called Pallavicino ended up woring on the final body design and a guy called Torre designed the engine. There you had, the Lambretta was born.



Why I love Lambretta’s

I was fortunate enough to live in a few destinations when I was a little younger. I’d left my job in the UK that I’d been doing for over 5 years and decided it was time to do a spot of travelling. After a few months sampling the different European countries, I found myself back in Spain where I worked as a barman for around 6 months. I was eager to get back to Italy as I’d spent a few days in Rome during my travels and wanted to taste some more of the Italian culture. A few places like Florence, Venice and Milan were on the top of my list. This is when I decided to up-sticks and book a flight to Italy. I travelled around a few places and covered the destinations on my list, ending up in Milan.

I loved the general vibe in Italy and for some reason it felt like a home away from home to me. I had met a girl in Milan which is why I decided to extend my stay initially. I got myself a job, living and working there for over a year. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last and it finally became time to leave but it gave me plenty of time to appreciate the City and I look back with mainly fond memories. Most of all, of course, was driving around the City on my girlfriends Lambretta whilst she was working. I worked mainly in the evenings and her mainly at night so I got chance to borrow it quite a lot.

Why I decided to buy my own Lambretta

So a few months back I read an article on the Mirror newspapers website about Phil Daniels being reunited with his iconic, modded Lambretta from the movie Quadrophenia. That sparked me into remembering my time in Italy.

Thinking back fondly of Milan in the following days, I decided to get myself a Lambretta, why not? I’d never actually owned my own. I had been mainly using public transport to get to and from work in the UK since I sold my old bike so it was about time I had a different mode of transport. I checked out for an old used Lambretta for sale and managed to find one in decent enough condition for a relatively cheap price. Whist Lambretta’s aren’t everyone’s cuppa tea, they are a good bike if you just want a run-around and aren’t so bothered about big meaty engines and oversized exhaust pipes.