My New Culti Cave

In the end, I decided to buy myself a culti cave. I figured this would be the most sensible option to get me started because it’s inexpensive and easy to assemble. I’m really very impressed with it. It opened up like a pop up tent so I had to put almost no effort at all into its assembly.  I haven’t actually put any plants into the culti cave yet but I tbink I will initially use it for growing cherry tomatoes and basil and, if successful, expand to other veggies too. Tomatoes and basil are not only a winning taste combination but they also grow really well together. They are both robust and hungry plants that rape the minerals from the earth and can be damaging for other plants of grown in their vicinity. But together, they equal one another out with their strength and hunger.


A friend of mine has been growing chilies in a culti cave, with much success. I’m really keen to try this. I love adding fresh chilies to my food and the thought of being able to pick them straight out of my garden and slice them into a dish is very satisfying.  I’ve also heard that cucumbers grow well in a culti cave and, it just so happens, that they are a good growing buddy for chilies, so perhaps I’ll buy another culti cave to accommodate my love for fresh chilies and cucumber. Actually, one of my favourite dishes is a very simple Chinese dish of cucumber marinated in sesame oil and fresh chilli. I can’t wait to start cooking up my own produce. I imagine the sense of achievement one gets from growing something and then turning it into something delicious is quite intense. That’s all from me today but I’ll be back soon and, next time, I will be talking technology, I promise. That’s if I can drag myself away from the garden!