Liquid Cooled Computers

Liquid Cooled Computers 

Hey everyone, welcome back to my electronics blog. Last time I talked about overheating issues so this week I wanted to cover the opposite end of the spectrum, liquid cooled computers. I have been building a gaming PC to give to my friend this Christmas and have gotten a lot of my PC components at an online shop full of bargains so I decided to splurge a little bit and make it a liquid cooled rig. Liquid Cooling can be a little more expensive to install and maintenance can also be expensive if something goes wrong. Liquid Cooling or sometimes referred to as Water Cooling is the best solution for rapidly removing heat from your computer components due to its unmatched thermal performance. Liquid Cooling your computer is the only way in this day to allow successful heat removal from critical parts of your computer while creating no noise pollution. 

liquid cooled rig

Liquid Cooling vs. Fan Cooling 

The most common way to cool down hot computer components for personal and business computers is with stock coolers with airflow, the airflow provided by big stock fans on your Power Supply Unit, Graphics Processing unit, and your Computer Processing Unit. These fans run quite fast and can be very loud if not cleaned religiously. Liquid Cooling is a huge step from these standard fans, and can be a very good solution for overheating computers, as well as getting rid of the loud fans(for the most part anyways). The fans that are still used can be kept at very low speeds that are essentially inaudible. You can enjoy gaming or normal everyday computer work without the noise of fans. 

OverClock Everything 

If you guys are really into computers like me, then you will already know what overclocking is. If you know what you are doing you can overclock anything with a Computer Programing Unit even an Android Box.For those who don’t know, overclocking is raising the speed in which a chip can perform operations. The chip running faster means that it produces more heat, in turn meaning you need better cooling. This generally produces much more heat than stock coolers can handle leaving liquid cooling as your best option. The most important part of overclocking is ensuring that sufficient heat is transferred away from the components, and liquid cooling systems are the best that you can get to keep all the components without the risk of overheating. 

Increase your Computer's Lifespan 

As we all know, computers age rapidly. Not only due to the fact that the technology is being improved upon every day so your brand new components are already six months outdated by the time you install them, but the parts themselves can wear especially if you are putting a lot of stress on them. Liquid Cooling helps your computer parts stay cooler and enjoy a much  longer lifespan than usual. Longer lasting computer parts means less money on your repair bill.

liquid cooling fans

Piece of Art Computer 

Gone are the days of the blank white tower that starts to turn yellow from the cigarette smoke floating through the office. Here are the days of massive black towers with glowing red trim, moving parts and tubes of liquid running around your computer making it look like an electronic version of Bane. You can now make your computer look unique, special. Liquid Cooling amplifies this as you can run your tubes to be visible or not, change the color of the liquid or even shine light through the tubes to give them an eerie glow. The possibilities are limitless, the only restraints being your imagination and your wallet. Who knows, you might be the next cool computer shared all over Facebook. 

Custom Water Cooling

More Room to Upgrade 

If you are using your computer for gaming or any kind of editing, there is a good chance that you have 2 PCI expansion slots being taken up by graphics cards. Most motherboards only have 2-4 PCI expansion slots so you can be seriously limiting yourself if you have more than one graphics card, although that is needed for many of todays computer jobs. By removing the stock cooling and installing a water cooling block, you can free up space inside your computer for other expansions(like a third graphics card).

Water Cooling-Yay or Neigh?

In the end, I would suggest water cooling to anyone who can afford the initial installation. This can lead to a better lifespan for the rest of your computer parts, and makes overclocking much easier and safer. It can turn a normal everyday looking computer tower into a behemoth, making any computer look outdated next to it. It allows people to be more creative with designing their personal computers and has shown some really some ingenuity in the computer world. I am going to be making my friends new computer a water cooled computer, and I suggest you do that to your next computer as well.