iPhone Accessories

iPhone Accessories

Hello there again Apple lovers! (And Android lovers too! We are not prejudice on this blog!) How have you been since my last blog post? Up to much? Anything to report? Do not forget to send in an email to let us know if you have been up to anything exciting of late. I personally have been revelling in my newly acquired iPhone 7. I am just totally in love! Just as I always have when it comes to iPhones and other Apple products. Jack plug or no jack plug, this incarnation of the iPhone is truly the bomb. But of course, you all new that right? But I’ve also been shopping at http://www.used.forsale/iphone-accessories for some funky iPhone accessories (obviously) to compliment the awesomeness of my my brand new iPhone. Here’s a rundown of some of the accessories I treated myself to.

Bluetooth Headphones

As already alluded to, the Apple iPhone 7 does not come with a headphone jack plug. You either have to invest in a set of Apple’s own wireless headphones or purchase a third party set of bluetooth headphones. I was between Beats by Dr Dre and Bose wireless headphones, but I finally settled on Bose. I am a big music fan and I have always used my iPhone to listen to my tunes when on the go. So this particular accessory was an absolute must as far as I was concerned.

bluetooth accessories

Stereo Mini Speakers

As above, but these are awesome for when you are on the move but want to share your beloved tunes with those around you. They are the perfect accessory for chilling with your friends with a few beers. Obviously you don’t want to annoy others that are around you so be sure not to abuse  the situation and turn them up full blast. You have been warned!

Camera Lenses

I love taking photos and videos with my iPhone’s high resolution camera, just as most people do. But it is even more fun with the lens accessories that can be attached to convert your camera to telephoto, wide angle or macro. It totally transforms the whole experience and takes your iPhone photography to the next level. Your friends will undoubtedly be jealous of your photographic skills once you have incorporated the lens accessories.

iPhone lens

Smart Battery Case

This is no brainer! How many times have you been caught out without your charger and only 2% of battery left. Never again let an iPhone battery have your pants down with the Smart Battery Case. It is as it says on the tin, a case for your iPhone that contains a second built in battery that extends your existing battery life by another 16-18 hours. Winner, winner chicken dinner!

iPhone Docking Station

Perfect for charging your iPhone whilst at home while you want to continuing accessing all your tunes, movies and media. It has a built in speaker so you can enjoy the audio wherever you are stood in the house.

iPhone Docking Station

Screen Protector

How many times have you scratched your phone screen and thought “If only I had spent a few bucks on a screen protector…” Well just don’t be that guy. Pick one up immediately and get instant protection for your iPhone screen from your keys and coins and all the other junk you keep in your pocket along with you phone.

Lightening Cable

Simple but essential if you want to link your iPhone to your computer and iTunes. Buy the best you can afford for quality and lifespan purposes.

Bluetooth Tracker

Never spend hours hunting for your iPhone again! This nifty little gadget is will track your iPhone as long as it is in bluetooth range.

You can check out loads more cool accessories by going to this article: http://www.bestproducts.com/tech/gadgets/g1977/iphone-7-iphone-7-plus-accessories/


So, there is a rundown of some of my most coveted iPhone accessories. The iPhone is just perfect on its own, but these extra gadgets just totally enhance the iPhone experience. Thanks for all your emails about my last post about choosing a drone. (I wonder if there is an app for me to control my drone from my iPhone? That would be cool!) I am away now for a few weeks but I will be back in due course with another awesome blog post for you all. I will sign off for now as I have been rambling on for quite a bit now. Until next time folks! Take care of yourselves!