iPhone 7 Scandal

Hi folks. I’ve been struggling along with my obsolete old iPhone 4 for the past 5 years now. My iPad 3 is only just slightly more up-to-date. But despite my reluctance to but into the latest models, I am still a huge fan of Apple products. I just think they look a cool and offer a great user experience. Now I know that there are a lot of people out there who are very anti-Apple. They don’t like the price tag or the inability to use an iDevice on their own-terms, without restrictions. They prefer the freedom that Android offers them. None of this bothers me to tell the truth. I’m quite happy with what Apple has to offer and I really don’t need anything else. Sooner or later I will upgrade both my iPhone and iPad (although probably not to the latest model as I’m pretty cheap).

But there is one thing about the upcoming iPhone 7 that I do find annoying. Apple have only gone and devised a way that ensures you have to buy their own earphones if you want to listen to music without annoying others. A jack-less iPhone! You now have to invest in a set of Apple approved wireless headphones. And they are not cheap! But who am I kidding. I’ll no doubt fall into line with the rest of the herd as I always have. And while there is always resistance against technological change, it is usually for the best. Otherwise we would still be using floppy disks. Ha! I’m sure the price of the headphones will come down (there is a market to cater to there) and all the complaining will go away. Not that it’s going to bother me too much for a while. I’ll probably still have an iPhone 5 for the next years anyway! Until next time folks.

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