Welcome back to my Technology blog. I’m a pretty big media junkie, I spend a lot of time watching my favourite movies and TV series, a lot of the time from the comfort of my bed or sofa. As there’s other people in the household, I don’t just get the TV to myself all the time and I don’t always get the peace and quiet needed to fully enjoy what I watching. That’s why it’s important to have a good set of headphones on-hand that you can throw on whenever things get a little noisy and you need an uninterrupted viewing experience.

My old phone headphones aren’t doing it for me anymore so I’m looking for a new pair with a bit more oomph! As usual, I’ve been searching high and low to see what’s recommended so I end up with the right pair. Here’s a few I’ve been looking at.

Sony MDR-1A

Now if there was anything I’d stipulate in my requirements then its got to be ultimate comfort. Apparently these Sony’s are the epitome of comfort. They have good clarity but aren’t too intense in your ear so a definite option. That is, if they didn’t cost nearly $300 dollars. Don’t think I can afford to splash that kind of cash.

Audio Technica ATH-M50x

I can’t go over $200 dollars but I want a decent set of phones. These are meant to be great sounding for the money and you won’t find better value. Sounds like these may be the ones to go for.

Sennheiser RS 175 RF

Again, these babies are going to cost near to the $300 mark, but you do get wireless technology and they’re meant to be superb for watching Media. I have to seriously consider these as this would be perfect for what I need. Definitely made me think twice about my budget.