Google fighting cyberterrorism

Today, an article on a very recent subject : google fighting cyberterrorism.

Since the Organization of the Islamic State recruits via the Web and especially through radical websites, Google, at a meeting with the British Home Affairs Committee, indicated that he had put in place new ways to combat radicalisation online.
Now, British users who will type queries "pro-Daesh" or linked to the terrorist group will be automatically proposed, in addition to the standard responses of search engine, links to websites of antiradicalisation. It would be the advertising AdWords that will take care of locate requests and will make appear these links.
I read in "the Guardian" that Google, but also Facebook and Twitter, have been asked by British legislators to respond to the online presence of the organization Islamic State. "We must eliminate the bad content, but it is also very important to offer good information. When people who feel isolated connect, they must find a community based on hope, not hatred,"declared Anthony House, a manager in charge of public policy and communications at Google.
Facebook has already begun this prevention work. Facebook has developed at least five cells in the world dedicated to the fight against terrorism. In addition to follow more closely the reported profiles and their connections or to ban certain expressions, facebook is also in contact with several actors from the civil society to help the de-radicalization.
Meanwhile, Twitter has removed thousands of accounts affiliated with Daech in the last twelve months.
I wanted to speak on this subject because it is important that everyone uses its own means in the fight against terrorism.
Thank you for reading.