Edyn mean to Kill the Tomato Plant


For years I have wanted to grow my own vegetables, to walk out into my garden and pick some veggies and herbs, take them straight into the kitchen and start cooking a delightfully fresh meal. The problem is that I am just not naturally green fingered.  I either kill plants with neglect or, in the words of Freddie Mercury, “too much love will kill you”. Yes, I either forget they exist entirely for several days at a time, rendering them brown and crispy or I over water them, leaving them soggy and lifeless.


I was, therefore, delighted to discover a new gadget that takes all the gardening responsibility away from me and places it in the hands of a green fingered robot. This gadget is called Edyn.  Edyn is a garden sensor in the shape of a small yellow box.  It assesses the soil nutrition in my vegetable plot or garden, determines how hydrated my soil is, tracks the amount of sunlight my plants are receiving and reports on the meteorological data for the area I live in. Edyn then uses this information to tell me, via my smartphone, how often I need to water my plants, what type of fertiliser is best for the soil, which plants are more likely to grow well and what time of year I should plant them. Edyn also comes with a water valve that I can use with a standard sprinkler system. The valve syncs with the sensor to ensure that my plants get exactly the amount of water they need everyday.  It really couldn’t be any easier for me!


I’m hoping that this handy gadget, which really is a godsend, will help me to start producing delicious, organic, home grown fruit, vegetables and herbs in no time.