Bad-boy Vacuum Cleaners for 2016

Normally when I’m on the market for technology and electronics, it’s usually for something that’s going to entertain me, like something I play or watch. OK, we did have to buy a new fridge last year and that got me looking at some of the ridiculous fridges available, but unfortunately, as we’d just moved house and things were a little tight, we couldn’t go for one of those big ice-maker style ones with the built-in water compartment. We had to settle for a standard fridge-freezer just as a temporary solution until we can afford something better.

As is always the case with electronics, you’ll be blissfully unaware that one of your appliances is just about to die on you then all of a sudden, Bang! There goes the vacuum cleaner! So the fridge we bought isn’t in danger of getting replaced anytime soon as there’s always something that’s going to unexpectedly break before we get round to it, that will use up any surplus cash we’d been trying to save. Yep! I think you all know the score and it’s a familiar sounding story. So back to the vacuum cleaner, our trusty old vacuum that didn’t really suck anything up but has been just about hanging in there for the last year or two, has finally died a death. I don’t think we’ll be trying to find any spare parts for it or trying to patch it up, it’s definitely done its time now and its ready for trash heap and vacuum heaven. The wife found a cheap used hand-held vacuum for sale that we’re using as a temporary fix as we needed something to do the car as well so this seemed like a good purchase. We paid next to nothing for it and it works so we’ll manage for a week or two until we find a permanent solution. It’s a little too much bending and effort to clean the carpet with a hand-held on a permanent basis.

New Vacuum Technology

Whether it’s a fridge, vacuum or laptop, I still get pretty excited when I get to check out new technology and what innovations have developed since the last time I took notice. I definitely haven’t kept up to speed with vacuum cleaners so it was interesting to have a peruse around the net and see what cool technology they use these days to give you that extra level of performance.

iRobot Roomba 880

Imagine my absolute joy when I came across this remote-controlled cleaner OK, it’s going to cost nearly $700 dollars but the technology behind it sounds pretty awesome. It has built-in debris sensors that search for larger build-ups of debris so it will spend longer cleaning those particular areas. It apparently looks as if its moving around randomly but it’s those hi-tech sensors at work. It also has a built-in virtual wall barrier which is effectively like an invisible fence around the vacuum preventing it from hitting into anything. Check out their cool website to see some of their other cool products and more on the Roomba 880.


Neato Robotics XV Signature Pro

This is a couple of hundred dollars or so cheaper than the Roomba but is comparable in performance according to reviewers. It is by no means as sophisticated and has no additional remote control but it does have robotic technology built-in and will definitely improve your vacuuming experience. Maybe a slightly more affordable bot style vacuum for those who want to try out the technology but can’t afford a few hundred dollars extra for the Roomba.


Neato Botvac 85

Another high-end robot vacuum from Neato but this one might even edge out the Roomba and comes in slightly cheaper too. They have similar performance however, overall, the Botvac probably edges it and especially when it comes to clearing up pet hair. This may be the dealmaker for some as pet hair is one of the biggest frustrations when you’re vacuuming the home, so my wife tells me. After first seeing the Roomba, I didn’t think there would be anything better but I really like the look of this.



Electrolux Ergorapido Power

OK, the above options sound very cool but I suppose the most important component you need in a vacuum, besides power, is manoeuvrability. If I’m vacuuming, I want something that will get around corners and get into the edges with consummate ease. I know you have to use the add-ons sometimes to get into the corners and right into the sofa etc, but if I can avoid doing so as often as possible, then that’s surely better. It has an accordion style tubing if you like, that swivels around obstacles without a hint of a struggle. At around the $200 mark, if that, then I think this is probably more like the kind of vacuum I’d be aiming at buying as much as I like the sound of the robot technology.