Bad-boy Vacuum Cleaners for 2016

27/01/2016 Main

Normally when I’m on the market for technology and electronics, it’s usually for something that’s going to entertain me, like something I play or watch. OK, we did have to buy a new fridge last year and that got me looking at some of the ridiculous fridges available, but unfortunately, as we’d just moved house and things were a little tight, we couldn’t go for one of those big ice-maker style ones with the built-in water compartment. We had to settle for a standard fridge-freezer just as a temporary solution until we can afford something better.

As is always the case with electronics, you’ll be blissfully unaware that one of your appliances is just about to die on you then all of a sudden, Bang! There goes the vacuum cleaner! So the fridge we bought isn’t in danger of getting replaced anytime soon as there’s always something that’s going to unexpectedly break before we get round to it, that will use up any surplus cash we’d been trying to save. Yep! I think you all know the score and it’s a familiar sounding story. So back to the vacuum cleaner, our trusty old vacuum that didn’t really suck anything up but has been just about hanging in there for the last year or two, has finally died a death. I don’t think we’ll be trying to find any spare parts for it or trying to patch it up, it’s definitely done its time now and its ready for trash heap and vacuum heaven. The wife found a cheap used hand-held vacuum for sale that we’re using as a temporary fix as we needed something to do the car as well so this seemed like a good purchase. We paid next to nothing for it and it works so we’ll manage for a week or two until we find a permanent solution. It’s a little too much bending and effort to clean the carpet with a hand-held on a permanent basis. Read more



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Welcome back to my Technology blog. I’m a pretty big media junkie, I spend a lot of time watching my favourite movies and TV series, a lot of the time from the comfort of my bed or sofa. As there’s other people in the household, I don’t just get the TV to myself all the time and I don’t always get the peace and quiet needed to fully enjoy what I watching. That’s why it’s important to have a good set of headphones on-hand that you can throw on whenever things get a little noisy and you need an uninterrupted viewing experience.

My old phone headphones aren’t doing it for me anymore so I’m looking for a new pair with a bit more oomph! As usual, I’ve been searching high and low to see what’s recommended so I end up with the right pair. Here’s a few I’ve been looking at. Read more

My Passion for Lambretta

06/12/2015 Main

My Passion for Lambretta

Hello again guys, welcome back to Tom’s Technology blog, hope you’ve stayed interested with my previous posts. So now we’ve covered a little bit on TV’s and Tablets, I’d like to turn focus to a different piece of technology which I’ve always been a great admirer of. I’ve owned motorcycles of various shapes and sizes for many years, from large 600cc power houses to a little 49cc runabout. I love the feel of the wind against your face, the less claustrophobic environment compared to driving around in a boring car. Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

01/12/2015 Main

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy Tab S now for around a year and it is still going strong. I’ve always been a bit of a tech geek so when tablets first came out I was intrigued to see what all the fuss was about. My first experience of tablets was when I was tasked to buy my grandad one for his birthday. He needed something with a keyboard preferably and as he likes photography, I wanted to make sure I could get him a tablet with a good camera. Obviously the first tablet I looked at was the latest iPad but I was put off as I thought he might struggle with the navigation and using iTunes etc. I turned my attention to the Asus TF7OOt as it had a good camera and what seemed decent spec. It came with a small keyboard which I thought would be ideal for my grandad. Unfortunately, it was not the right purchase. I found it laggy despite the good spec and the keyboard wasn’t that great. I found the software was too basic making navigation quite difficult and software updates didn’t seem to be at the top of Asus’s agenda. This meant a lot of the bugs remained. Read more

All Things Recent TV

23/11/2015 Main

Like most things technological today, we live in an age where the tech around us can stun us over and over again. Everything evolves at such a ridiculous rate that every year almost exponential improvements are being made. The modern day TV is testament to that. Only 50 years ago people were mainly watching black and white TV shows and screens that were no bigger than a tablet of today, which wouldn’t be so bad if you had HD quality pictures, but factor in the arial and analogue signal, you were screwed if it was raining or there was a bit of bad weather about. Without anything to record shows or movies, if you missed it once there was a possibility you might not see the same program again, that was until UK Gold and YouTube came onto the scene anyway!

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Sony TV

12/11/2015 Main

Evening TechLovers. Had a recent urge to buy a new TV, and thought I would let you all know about which one I chose. I wanted a huge screen, so I decided to go for a 75”!! And I chose my favourite TV brand, Sony. I opted in the end for a Sony KD-75X9405C.

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04/11/2015 Main

Now in 2015 we have seen a very significant landmark in the tech world… The worlds first drone delivery. It happened in the USA this summer. Now this “drone delivery” was only about a mile away from its source, but you can just imagine a future skyline full of drones dropping off deliveries to peoples homes.  Amazon have a drone program in development, called ‘Prime Air’. They say they eventually want orders to be delivered within 30 minutes of the order being placed. Wow. Facebook have developed a drone that is the size of a passenger plane, that will circle the earth at heights of up to 30 miles. The aim of this drone is to beam Internet signal to very isolated places of the globe.

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Blog Intro!

01/11/2015 Main

Tech tech tech lovers. Come and subscribe to my blog about all things tech. I’m fascinated by modern technology and gadgets and that is what this blog will be all about. Anything from phones to drones. It will be in here! Name is Tom by the way. Nice to meet you all!