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Sonim Technologies, Inc. selected Sarantel’s LBS Pro miniature GPS antenna for the XP3 Quest rugged mobile phone because of its small size and high performance. The LBS Pro enabled Sonim to add cost-effective and high-accuracy GPS functionality to this truly unique, high performance phone.

The exceptional positional accuracy coupled with small form factor of the Sarantel Antenna used in the Lok8u™ num8 GPS locator has enabled a unique product both in design and function, helping to solve traditional size, style and performance issues in this expanding market.

The ability of Sarantel to reduce the antenna size, without sacrificing performance, was a critical design element for this revolutionary new handset. The Iridium 9555 represents a dramatic step forward in innovation and usability for handsets in the MSS sector.

sportDOG TEK 1.0

"sportDOG TEK 1.0 is the industry’s first combination remote dog training and tracking system providing a huge breakthrough to their customers who run hounds for lions, bears or hogs; beagles for rabbits; or any dogs used for upland birds. The compact and well designed handheld unit gives the hunter everything needed to locate and control his dog without the need for any additional equipment.

Sarantel’s SL1200 GeoHelix® Passive GPS antenna was selected for use in the handheld unit to ensure reliable accurate GPS performance while meeting sportDOG’s needs for a compact useable form factor.

Further information on the SportDOG Brand products can be found at"

Yellow Brick Tracking

"Yellow Brick Tracking provide a range of products using GPS and the Iridium Satellite Network to provide positional tracking anywhere on Earth. Products are sold or hired to customers involved in a range of activities from yacht races and regattas to expeditions and adventures.

If you are looking for used gps:

The new Yellowbrick3 adds two–way messenger capability, again using the Iridium satellite network in a lightweight, rugged handheld device.

When it came to selecting the Iridium antenna Yellow Brick where looking for a rugged, lightweight antenna which ensured a reliable connection to the Iridium network. The new SL3105SP antenna from Sarantel provided them with all of this, utilising a decafilar helical antenna element to maximise low elevation gain thus ensuring best possible performance.

Side by side testing against other similar form factor antennas demonstrated the SL3105SP out performed its competitors both in terms of performance and ruggedness

Further details on the Yellow Brick products and services can be found at"




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LOK8u selected the SL1300 sarantel antenna because of its size and performance in close proximity to body loading arising from a worn watch form factor solution such as Freedom.

We find the indoor performance to be excellent as well as some of the more challenging outdoor environments such as ledge lock or urban canyon.

A reliable and consistent GPS performance is critical in a wandering prevention and emergency alert solution such as Freedom.

LOK8u solutions are sold across the world and we find Sarantel antennas to outperform any other solutions that we have tested in our products

Steven K Salmon
Group Chief Executive

the revolution in antenna design

Sarantel’s revolutionary ceramic filtering antennas offer dramatically improved performance over existing antenna designs, resulting in a clearer signal, better range and a 90 per cent reduction in the amount of signal radiation absorbed by the body.

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Sarantel - the leading manufacturer of dielectrically loaded, iridium GPS antennas.

Sarantel’s Power Helix antenna technology is the result of 20 years of research in balancing electric fields across a dielectric core.